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Hexagrama (6,) hexagramaKuei-Mei-La-Muchacha-Que-Se-Casa. Uploaded by hexagramaMing-I-El-Oscurecimiento-de-La-Luz. Uploaded. New: download the complete Gnostic Book of Changes here! New: a hexagram key has been added to the menu. Introduction 54 -- Propriety/Making-Do -- I Ching Hexagram 54 - Discover the meaning and interpretation of Hexagram 54 Kui Mei (Propriety) from the I Ching Book of Changes.

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The Judgement of Hexagram 54 seems pervaded by a sense of helplessness. There is nothing to be gained by knowing the goals you seek – and actually. Kuei Mei / The Marrying Maiden __ __ __ __ above CHEN THE until finally we reach this all important hexagram 54 where one has no. Please select the chapter or hexagram below! New: download the complete Gnostic Book of Changes here! New: a hexagram key has been added to the menu.

Management planning [operational strategy] before such risk Risk planning Continuous surveillance through the presented sequence Risk Monitoring and control Safeguard measures against new, collateral or residual risks Safeguard against risks [35]. In every successive line, the hexagram pictures the increasing risk that threatens an unfavorable situation, emphasizing how its closeness increases upon imminent danger. Those who persevere are destroyed. Unfortunate times are approaching. In such unstable and unfavorable situation, the baseline tends to give in.

No, there are sources which show that this is legitimate. Chang, ed. The old form of this character seems to depict a woman giving birth to a baby see image on the right, click to enlarge. Often, but not always, is the baby depicted upside down, and in some instances the woman is left out which might imply that the child part is the important part; the meaning is the child, not the woman.

Sometimes the baby carries little drops around him, which are interpreted as amniotic fluid. In bronze inscriptions it too refers to the heir or succeeder of the throne. It is believed that 'Fu Hao' was the name of the occupant when she was alive, 'Xin' her ritual name, and Mu Xin the posthumous name.

Zheng Zhenxiang, A Study, p. For women it seems to have had a meaning like 'bringer of a heir s '. Zheng says the same. There is an oracle bone inscription which supports this view. It is very well possible that it is the title of 'queen', but as we have seen it is probably a posthumous title. Let's see if the text of the Yi can give some clarification. The woman is strong. Wu: He has not yet deviated from his course. Legge: Line two is dynamic in a magnetic place, and her correlate is magnetic in a dynamic place.

Both, however, are central in their respective trigrams. With a weak correlate, line two can't do much in the discharge of her duties, but if she thinks only of her husband, like the widow who will die rather than marry again, such devotion will have its effect and reward.

Though blind in one eye, she still manages to see -- devoted loyalty in an officer will compensate for many disadvantages.

Wing: The situation is disappointing. It is up to you, alone, to carry on the original vision. Such devotion and loyalty will ultimately bring progress. Editor: The line does not lend itself to the usual gender designations used in this book. It is high time we realized that it is pointless to praise the light and preach it if nobody can see it. It is much more needful to teach people the art of seeing. For it is obvious that far too many people are incapable of establishing a connection between the sacred figures and their own psyche: they cannot see to what extent the equivalent images are lying dormant in their own unconscious.

In order to facilitate this inner vision we must first clear the way for the faculty of seeing. How this is to be done without psychology, that is, without making contact with the psyche, is, frankly, beyond my comprehension. Jung -- Psychology and Alchemy A. The situation has yet to clarify -- go it alone until the way becomes clear. Partial vision is better than none. Remain uncommitted, and do not depart from your accustomed routine.

Line-3 Legge: The third line, magnetic, shows the young woman who was to be married off in a mean position. She returns and accepts an ancillary position. She marries as a concubine. Blofeld: From being a servant, the marriageable maiden becomes a concubine. can be translucent

Reversing Converting: using the junior-sister. Shaughnessy:The returning maiden with consorts turns around and returns with younger sisters.

Cleary 1 : When the bride-to-be seeks, it will be the little sister who is married instead. Wu: The marrying of the young woman is being put on hold. Instead, her younger sister is married in her place. Blofeld: Her former state is indicated by the unsuitable position of this line.

Cleary 2 : The bride-to-be who seeks is not right. Wu: Because her position is improper.

Legge: The third line is magnetic in a dynamic place at the top of the trigram of Frivolity. She is of so mean a character and such a slave of passion that no one will marry her. She returns and accepts the position of a concubine.

I Ching / Book of Changes: Book I

The inferior person enters into situations incompatible with self-esteem, in pursuit of joys that cannot be attained legitimately. Wing: To attain your desires, it will be necessary for you to compromise your Self. Editor: There are at least two interpretations of this line: one portrays moving from an abject position slavery to accept a correct, albeit still subservient role. On the other hand, the line can suggest an attempt at a union or synthesis which is unstable or premature: The imbalances within the situation cause its dynamics to be re-adjusted at a lower level than desired.

An inherent instability cannot be maintained no matter how much we want it to be otherwise. Those who do not seek release from the bondage of the instinctive drives by the road of inner development remain the slaves of their own passionate desirousness or suffer the sterility resulting from its ruthless repression. In any time of crisis these persons have no power to curb their own barbaric reactions.

Harding --Psychic Energy A. An image of modestly improving one's position -- better a servant than a slave. Don't compromise yourself. Line-4 Legge: The fourth line, dynamic, shows the young woman who is to be married off protracting the time. She may be late in being married, but the time will come.

I Ching Hexagram 54 - Line 4

A late marriage comes in due course. Blofeld: The maiden stays unwed beyond the proper time, but the day comes when she makes a late marriage. Liu: The marrying girl postpones marriage. She will marry later, waiting for the right time. Procrastinating Converting possesses the season. Shaughnessy: The returning maiden exceeds the appointed time, and tardily returns having time. Cleary 1 : When it is the wrong time for a girl to marry, she delays the marriage until the proper time.

Wu: The marrying of the young woman is postponed. A later date is anticipated. Blofeld: Her firm desire to postpone her marriage indicates that we should wait before taking action. Possessing awaiting and-also moving indeed. Cleary 2 : The purpose of putting off the marriage is to go at the right time. Wu: To wait for the right time.

Legge: Line four is dynamic, where it should be magnetic, but in the case of a female the indication is not bad. The subject of the line, however, is in no haste.

She waits, and the good time will come. It is she who puts off the marriage, not the other way around. Her marriage will be all the better for it.

Wing: You are faced with a situation in which you must now refrain from action in order to await a more propitious time. It may appear that the world is passing you by as you wait, but your reward for maintaining your principles is on its way. The image is one of patient postponement, with assurance that the desired consequences will occur in the course of time.

In the early community, the man who had learned to bide his time, for either revenge, barter, or any other objective, also had the advantage over the one who was compelled to act when the stimulus arose, without consideration of the consequences. Through having disciplined his own instincts such a man gained power over his more instinctively acting neighbors. The power of the medicine man rested largely on such self-control. Harding -- Psychic Energy A.

List of hexagrams of the I Ching - Wikipedia

Be patient -- a union comes in the course of time. Wait and see. Don't commit yourself -- it will all make sense eventually. Line-5 Legge: The fifth line, magnetic, reminds us of the marrying of the younger sister of King Ti-yi, when the sleeves of the princess were not equal to those of the still younger sister who accompanied her in an inferior capacity. The case suggests the thought of the moon almost full. The embroidered garments of the princess were not as gorgeous as those of the serving maid.

The moon that is nearly full brings good fortune. Blofeld: The Emperor's second marriageable daughter wore regal garments less splendid that those of her bridesmaid.

We must be on our guard against ostentation. Liu: Emperor I gives his daughter in marriage. The embroidered dress of the princess is not as splendid as that of the concubine.

The moon is nearly full. Good fortune. One's chief's sleeves: One's junior-sister's sleeves not thus fine. The moon almost facing, significant. Shaughnessy: Di Yi marries off the maiden: the primary wife's sleeves are not as fine as her younger sister's sleeves; the day's moon is past full; auspicious. Cleary 1 : The emperor marries off his younger sister; the attire of the empress is not as good as the attire of the young wife.

Cleary 2 The attire of the lady is not as good as that of the junior wives.

The moon is almost full. This is auspicious. Wu: Di Yi married off his younger sister. The moon was almost full.

Blofeld: The first sentence means that, though we may be of only middle rank, we should behave with true nobility. Using valuing movement indeed. Cleary 2 : The position is one of balance, behaving in a noble manner. Wu: Her position was central and royal. She had no need for ornamentations. Legge: The King's sister is here honorably married, suggesting that the adornment she preferred was the "ornament of the hidden man of the heart.

A wife ought not to eclipse her husband. The moon that is full does not face the sun. Wing: When you can overlook your social position and stature and place yourself in the service of another, you will realize good fortune. To accomplish this you must overcome vanity, pride, and any ostentatious behavior. To Subordinate yourself to others, regardless of their position, is now a good thing.

Editor: It is instructive to compare this line with the fifth line of hexagram number eleven,Harmony, which also refers to King Ti-yi's younger sister. Thus the way of the superior man is hidden but becomes more prominent every day, whereas the way of the inferior man is conspicuous but gradually disappears. It is characteristic of the superior man to be plain, and yet people do not get tired of him.

He is simple and yet rich in cultural adornment. He is amiable and yet systematically methodical. He knows what is distant begins with what is near. He knows where the winds moral influence come from. And he knows the subtle will be manifested. Such a man can enter into virtue. We see here a princess-bride who is less attractively arrayed than her bridesmaid, and a waxing moon which has yet to reach full illumination.

The context of the line is a royal marriage -- the hieros gamos or holy marriage of the alchemists which is also described in hexagram number eleven. Psychologically, the image can suggest that during a time when forces are coming together for synthesis, less important elements in the situation may seem more attractive than the true essence.

Since the moon isn't full yet, we haven't seen all of the light -- full comprehension has yet to dawn. Sometimes the line simply boils down to the idea that "things are not what they seem.

One can become so fascinated by the wonders of the super-conscious realm, so absorbed in it, so identified with some of its special aspects or manifestations as to lose or paralyze the urge to reach the summit of Self-realization.

Roberto Assagioli -- Psychosynthesis A. Seek simplicity. The true goal may seem less attractive than lesser, more seductive elements. The simple solution is the best.

Line-6 Legge: The sixth line, magnetic, shows the young lady bearing the basket, but without anything in it, and the gentleman slaughtering the sheep, but without any blood flowing from it. There will be no advantage in any way. The man stabs the sheep, but no blood flows. Nothing that acts to further. Blofeld: A woman holds a basket with nothing inside; a man stabs a sheep without drawing blood.

No goal or destination is favorable now. Liu: The woman's basket is empty. The man stabs the sheep, but no blood comes. Nothing beneficial. A notable disemboweling a goat without blood. Cleary 1 : The woman receives a chest, but there is nothing in it.

The man sacrifices a goat, but there is no blood. No benefit is gained. Wu: The woman carries a basket that is bottomless; the man sacrifices a sheep that has no blood. Blofeld: This top line implies absence of solid worth, hence the symbol of holding an empty basket. Receiving an empty basket indeed.

Cleary 2 : The top line has no fulfillment. This is receiving an empty chest. Wu: The top line does not have anything substantial to offer, because she carries a bottomless basket. Legge: The sixth line is magnetic at the top of the hexagram, and without a proper correlate, hence the unfortunate auspice. The marriage contract is broken, and union does not take place.

The parties concerned offer sacrifices in the temple, but the woman's basket is empty and the man's effort is fruitless. Developed people, knowing what is wrong by thinking of the lasting results, see this at the outset.

This disregard for content bodes no good for lasting associations. Wing: Are you just going through the motions?

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