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Sani Kavasam - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf) or read online. Sani Kavasam script in tamil. 22 ஜனவரி Last Updated: 22nd January, Shani Kavacham In Tamil Sani Kavasam In Tamil / Shaniswaraya Kavasam In Tamil The Shani Kavacham. Shani Kavasam In Tamil Pdf Download.

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Sani Kavasam In Tamil Pdf

முதுமகனின் முண்டகத்தாள் போற்றி போற்றி .. Shani Bhagavan Kavacham. You might also like: Shivapuranam (Tamil). 20 ஜனவரி Sani is for life, property, punish the wrongdoings and reward good deeds. A combination of straight-forward police & a strict judge. Sani Transit. Disclaimer: Download sani kavasam tamil Mp3 Songs and Play sani kavasam tamil song. Songs can be downloaded by clicking the download link given below.

These five elements when combined for a dayare known as Panchang. These five elements change every day withthe movement of the Moon and the Sun. Hence, followers of Hinduismrefer Panchangam on day to day basis. Panchang is also known asHindu Calendar. Drik Panchang is one of the most reputed Panchangamavailable on Internet. It has been made available for Androiddevices with similar features and precision as that ofwww. Festivals - Drik Panchang is the most comprehensive source whichlists most Hindu and Indian festivals, Government Holidays,Jayanti, fasting days including Ekadashi, Sankashti, Pradosham,Purnima, Sankranti, Durgashtami and Shivaratri days for each month. Each Kundali is taggedwith running Dasha and Antardasha.

During this time, Jainism was spreading in influence in South India. Soon, all but his queen Mangaiyarkarasi and his minister Kulacchirai Nayanar - both staunch Saivaites worshippers of Lord Shiva had embraced Jainism , forsaking the old religion.

This caused immense agony to the queen and the minister who were anxious to reclaim both king and kingdom back into the fold of the traditional religion Saivism. To these two grief-stricken individuals came news of the camping of boy saint Thirugnana Sambandar at Vedaranyam.

Sani Kavasam

Having heard of the miracles performed by this young Saivite saint in Thanjavur district, they sent an urgent invitation to him to visit Madurai and extricate the king and his subjects from the clutches of Jainism. The arrival of the Saivate saint irked the Jains, who are said to have then set fire to his holy dwelling.

But by his yogic powers, Sambandar had the heat transferred to the king, who consequently suffered in agony. Upon the Queen's request, the young saint then sang the Padigam 'Mandiramavadu Neeru' and sprinkled a few grains of holy ash on the right side of the king's body to alleviate the pain.

Navagraha kavasam tamil free download

In contest, the Jains in turn chanted the Aruga Mantra Jain Mantra and stroked the left side of the king's person with peacock feathers, but it only aggravated the pain! In response to entreaties by the king and his ministers, Sambandar applied a few more grains of the sacred ash to the king's left side also.

The poor Pandian monarch, who only a little while ago was the very picture of suffering, misery and distress, now smiled gaily and was free of his burns. But the Jains challenged the Saivites further, asking that the Mantras of both religions be written on palm leaves and consigned to flames to see which one survived the ordeal of fire thereby showing superiority over the other.

The Jains first placed their palm leaf onto the fire but it was soon consumed by the flames. Saint Thirugnana Sambandar placed on the flames one leaf containing the forty-ninth Padigam of the Tevaram hymn which was sung at the shrine of Lord Darbharanyeswaran Shiva at Thirunallar. The leaf remained untouched by the flames and maintained its evergreen freshness, reestablishing Saivism as the true religion in Pandian capital.

Hence the glory of the Thirunallar temple. With the lustre of your Vast Sway, you are propitiated all over the universe.

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Vidyavan guni ati chatur Ram kaj karibe ko aatur Meaning: Your heart is filled with what Shri Ram stood for. You therefore always dwell in the hearts of Shri Ram, Lakshman and Sita. Sukshma roop dhari Siyahi dikhava Vikat roop dhari lanka jarava Meaning: You appeared before Sita in a Diminutive form and spoke to her in humility.

You assumed an awesome form and struck terror by setting Lanka on fire. Bhima roop dhari asur sanghare Ramachandra ke kaj sanvare Meaning: With over-whelming might you destroyed the Asuras demons and performed all tasks assigned to you by Shri Ram with great skill. You brought Sanjivan A herb that revives life and restored Lakshman back to life, Shri Raghuvir Shri Ram cheerfully embraced you with his heart full of joy.


Raghupati Kinhi bahut badai Tum mam priye Bharat-hi sam bhai Meaning: Shri Raghupati Shri Ram lustily extolled your excellence and said: Thousands of living beings are chanting hymns of your glories; saying thus, Shri Ram warmly hugged him Shri Hanuman. Even Yamraj God of Death Kuber God of Wealth and the Digpals deputies guarding the four corners of the Universe have been vying with one another in offering homage to your glories.

How then, can a mere poet give adequate expression of your super excellence. You rendered a great service to Sugriv.

You united him with Shri Ram and he installed him on the Royal Throne. By heeding your advice, Vibhishan became Lord of Lanka. This is known all over the Universe Yug sahastra jojan par Bhanu Leelyo tahi madhur phal janu Meaning: On your own you dashed upon the Sun, which is at a fabulous distance of thousands of miles, thinking it to be a sweet luscious fruit. Prabhu mudrika meli mukh mahee Jaladhi langhi gaye achraj nahee Meaning: The burden of all difficult tasks of the world become light with your kind grace.

Ram dware tum rakhvare, Hoat na agya binu paisare Meaning: No one can enter it without your permission, Sub sukh lahai tumhari saran Tum rakshak kahu ko dar na Meaning: All comforts of the world lie at your feet. The devotees enjoy all divine pleasures and feel fearless under your benign Protection. Aapan tej samharo aapai Teenhon lok hank te kanpai Meaning: You alone are befitted to carry your own splendid valour.

All the three worlds entire universe tremor at your thunderous call. Bhoot pisach Nikat nahin aavai Mahavir jab naam sunavai Meaning: Nase rog harai sab peera Japat nirantar Hanumant beera Meaning: Those who remember Shri Hanuman in thought, words and deeds with Sincerity and Faith, are rescued from all crises in life. Sub par Ram tapasvee raja Tin ke kaj sakal Tum saja Meaning: All who hail, worship and have faith in Shri Ram as the Supreme Lord and the king of penance.

You make all their difficult tasks very easy. Aur manorath jo koi lavai Sohi amit jeevan phal pavai Meaning: Whosoever comes to you for fulfillment of any desire with faith and sincerity, Will he alone secure the imperishable fruit of human life.

Thiruppavai All 30 Songs in Mp3 Format -

Charon Yug partap tumhara Hai persidh jagat ujiyara Meaning: All through the four ages your magnificent glory is acclaimed far and wide. Your fame is Radiantly acclaimed all over the Cosmos. You are Saviour and the guardian angel of Saints and Sages and destroy all Demons.

You are the angelic darling of Shri Ram. Ashta sidhi nav nidhi ke dhata Us var deen Janki mata Meaning: You can grant to any one, any yogic power of Eight Siddhis power to become light and heavy at will and Nine Nidhis Riches,comfort,power,prestige,fame,sweet relationship etc.

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